Zero 7 – Home (Centercourse Remix)

September 2010  

Centercourse is back in swing and this is our latest banger. Zero 7 seemed a perfect remix for introducing our newer, harder sound through a familiar track that downtempo enthusiasts know and love. Enjoy and download it free here.

Home (Centercourse Remix) by centercourse

Queen Remix

June 2010  

DJ Rap and I got a hold of the multitrack masters of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” and decided to wrap it up in electro. ala Dirtyloud, this track was a blast to make because I got to flex my Drum&Bass bones with heavier, dirtier synths and also opened up for a lot of edits.

Enjoy, Download, and Share:

Bohemian Rhapsody - DJ Rap/Tyler Revata Remix

SYNTHESIS Reaches #9

May 2010  

Synthesis, which I produced and co-wrote with DJ Rap last year, has just come out on iTunes and climbed up to #9 on the iTunes dance chart in the first 24 hours! It’s an honor to sit next to Daft Punk and Deadmau5 on the iTunes Dance page.

DJ Rap - Synthesis (Bonus Track Version)

This record was in ways a very experimental record and in others just a straightforward song album, I honestly believe there’s something for everyone here. Some of my personal favs, you’ll hear a lot of me in these:

DJ Rap - Finally Get To You
DJ Rap - What Goes Around
DJ Rap - Catching Bullets
DJ Rap - I'm Ready (Metasyn Dubstep Remix)

Crystal Method Remix

March 2010  

Just got word Ken and Scott of The Crystal Method loved the Metasyn remix I did of “Sine Language ft. LMFAO”. This was a blast to make, and the mix came out fantastic!

The original 100bpm tempo wasn’t working for the Metasyn vibe so we ended up ramping it up to a sturdy 174 for some DnB love. Look out for the remix sometime this summer. Click below for a sampling:

Sine Language ft. LMFAO - Metasyn Remix

Metasyn – Back To Life [Video]

January 2010  

Just got the Metasyn video back from the director, couldn’t be more pleased with how it came out. Have a look:

If you wanna pick up a copy of the single you can do so on iTunes, Beatport, TrackItDown, etc…

The Dave Lewis Record

December 2009  

Dave Lewis was looking for some extra electronic programming on his debut jazz record (in mastering now) and had me sprinkle some synthetics on a few of his tracks. Awesome working with such a great rhythmatician, and what came of our sessions really glistened up the tracks. Crispy, atmospheric kind of stuff.

He’s a ridiculous drummer to note, check out his site here:

Metasyn – Back To Life

November 2009  

Back To Life, the first track from my new electronic rock project comes out today. Metasyn is a fusing of stated electronic genres [Electronica, Drum&Bass, Breakbeat, etc…] pulled together into a live performance group. Early rehearsals have been stellar and you’ll be able to grab a taste of whats to come in the video we’re shooting with Chris Laughter @ Enjoy Human. Have a listen and if you’re in the mood to pick up a copy for yourself you can do so here:

Metasyn - Back to Life - EP
Metasyn – Back To Life

Metasyn - Back To Life

Track on The Hills

November 2009  

One of the tracks I produced and co-wrote for DJ Rap’s forthcoming album “Synthesis” will be on this evening’s episode of The Hills [11.03.09] on MTV. “I Just Wanna Feel Good” is the name of the track… I’m not sure where it’s placed but they’ll have a tag on the screen when the track plays.

Here’s a sampling:

DJ Rap - I Just Wanna Feel Good

Jeremih Remix – “Under”

September 2009  

Just finished a remix for Jeremih’s latest track “Under”. Went with a really gritty synth line for the bass on  this to give the flavor of the lyric an edgier feel. Added some harmonies to the vocal to support the new chords, laced in some DnB flavor, and double/half timed the choruses/verses.

Have a listen here:

Jeremih - Under Remix

Metasyn Remix – “Elation”

August 2009  

Remixed DJ CJ & Mezo’s “Elation”. Gave it the proper Metasyn treatment. Mezo’s vocal on this track is sublime, very Seal-esque, get it soon on Propa Talent. And until then… have a listen:

Elation - Metasyn Remix

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