Remix featured in SKYLINE Movie

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Crystal Method ft LMFAO (Metasyn Remix)My Crystal Method/LMFAO remix came out this month and it’s also featured in the new movie Skyline. Kinda looks like Independence Day 2010 but more hostile, and less Will Smith-y. I haven’t seen the movie yet but I’ll post an edit with the approximate location of the track once I’ve seen it so you can keep a heads up for it.

Sine Language ft. LMFAO - Metasyn Remix

Out now on all digital stores:

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Out Now – Love In Turbulence f. Metasyn

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This is a new collaboration between myself and Russian D&B producer BrightLights. His track came through the Propa Talent stables a few months ago and I added lyrics and vocals for the Metasyn version. Haven’t had this much fun singing in a long time, this one fell together almost instantly. Don’t miss the Frankie Bass Remix on the package as well… super shredder… enjoy.


High Quality Full-Length here:

BrightLight - Love In Turbulence ft. Metasyn

Crystal Method Remix

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Just got word Ken and Scott of The Crystal Method loved the Metasyn remix I did of “Sine Language ft. LMFAO”. This was a blast to make, and the mix came out fantastic!

The original 100bpm tempo wasn’t working for the Metasyn vibe so we ended up ramping it up to a sturdy 174 for some DnB love. Look out for the remix sometime this summer. Click below for a sampling:

Sine Language ft. LMFAO - Metasyn Remix

Metasyn – Back To Life [Video]

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Just got the Metasyn video back from the director, couldn’t be more pleased with how it came out. Have a look:

If you wanna pick up a copy of the single you can do so on iTunes, Beatport, TrackItDown, etc…

Metasyn – Back To Life

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Back To Life, the first track from my new electronic rock project comes out today. Metasyn is a fusing of stated electronic genres [Electronica, Drum&Bass, Breakbeat, etc…] pulled together into a live performance group. Early rehearsals have been stellar and you’ll be able to grab a taste of whats to come in the video we’re shooting with Chris Laughter @ Enjoy Human. Have a listen and if you’re in the mood to pick up a copy for yourself you can do so here:

Metasyn - Back to Life - EP
Metasyn – Back To Life

Metasyn - Back To Life

Metasyn Remix – “Elation”

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Remixed DJ CJ & Mezo’s “Elation”. Gave it the proper Metasyn treatment. Mezo’s vocal on this track is sublime, very Seal-esque, get it soon on Propa Talent. And until then… have a listen:

Elation - Metasyn Remix

New Project: Metasyn

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Synthesis: Finished.

Next Up: Metasyn. Metasyn is a collaboration between the Rapstress and myself in an effort to create a live electronic act that will be just as gripping to watch live as it is to listen to on disc. It will be influenced by Drum & Bass, Rock, Classic synths and the breakbeats they inspire. First track is shaping up wikkidly, more to come.